Blogging from the Virgin Islands Thu, 02 Nov 2017 04:02:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Dealing with the aftermath of Maria. Thu, 02 Nov 2017 04:02:29 +0000 Hello to all who come here.
In my about page I state that I am from the US Virgin Islands. St. Croix in particular.

In the month of September St.Thomas and St.John, our sister islands, were hit with the eyewall of Irma which was a Category 5 Hurricane. Both islands were absolutely crushed by the force of those 185 mph winds. Almost two weeks later St.Croix was pounded to the ground by Maria who was passing 30 miles south and was also a Category 5 monstrosity. Even though St.Croix experienced Hugo in 1989 Maria was a different beast that surprised even the most experienced local storm survivors. Then she headed to Southern Puerto Rico with an equal amount of ferocity and showed no measure of mercy for anything.

Locally we call them the” 2 Sisters.” Irma and Maria. From here on we can debate ad infinitum who had it worst. It’s as if we need to compare over who had the worst disaster story. Here’s the truth. It’s not a contest over who had it worst. This is a marathon of survival. The misery the ” 2 sisters” have wrought on every island they touched created a special challenge for each person to deal with. There’s no start or finish line. It’s all about survival of the smartest and how to adapt to a new normal.

Right now as an aspiring professional blogger this my new normal. There is no power in my section of the island so I blog in the dark. By 6:00 pm its night outside. I compose my post off line and post it when I’m able to connect. I have become an expert on the pros and cons on battery operated lanterns, headlamps and flashlights. Maybe the power will be restored around Christmas…..maybe. My job survived but balancing the management changes as well caregiver duties at home can be difficult sometimes. Power banks are my new friends as well enemy if they don’t give me a full charge. I can hunt for an outlet in 5 seconds behind chairs, tables even desks! Like everyone else we have become obsessed with catching a phone signal in the weirdest places. But there is much more to this situation of the recovery that I’m willing to blog about. I would like to welcome you on this journey, if you desire, to read about my observation of blogging during a recovery from 2 natural disasters. This is a unique situation of adaptation and observation on an island after 2 historic storms. The challenges that a recovery can present which can be overcome or not- and what a blogger like me can learn as well share with all of you.

Please come. we can all learn from this…..



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Three Musketeers glue. Mon, 17 Oct 2016 02:15:37 +0000 I see this happen most of the time.

A small business or nonprofit opens and they advertise. They have an ad in the paper, radio spots and if they can afford it TV. On most of these mediums there’s the basic information along with a website, email or some form of social media contact. A potential customer goes and sees some form of online presence- maybe-just maybe.. the site is bookmarked and then…… the spectator goes away. After all that work they go away! Many small businesses and nonprofits think that having a website, email or a social media account will bring droves of customers to the business. Nope. The saying “build it and they will come.” is not completely true.

An online presence can be a website, social media account even an email that shows what services and if or products you offer. That’s nice but depending on how it’s used may not bring in the customer. A website just sits there and does nothing except repeat the same thing over and over. That Facebook or twitter account has a post only when there is an event, something to sell, old information, a few old posts or nothing at all. An email is just that…. an email. It doesn’t say much other than what your company’s name is even if it is memorable enough. Neither really tells the customer anything about how your business can really solve a problem. Blogs can solve that issue of awareness, otherwise without a blog it’s like screaming in the middle of the rainforest that that you have a wonderful solution but no one can really hear you since they don’t know (much) about you. Wouldn’t it make sense that your business or nonprofit be found as well these three digital mediums can find customers for you?

Am I making sense here?

I will be writing a series of posts on this problem that I see way too many times. Websites, social media and emails all have pros and cons online. Each functions differently so they must be used differently. Wouldn’t it be better to use their digital strengths together and not treated separately? Blogs can bind these components together very much like glue so it can help you be found and at the same time find customers for you. With a bit of planning integrating blogs can even save you some time.

Got you thinking? Stay tuned………

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Intro post. Yes I’m live! Mon, 10 Oct 2016 06:20:29 +0000 Hi,

After debating for several months over how to start my first blog post I finally decided to just get going as in Get writing! I got tired for waiting for inspiration, tired of trying to resolve my inner critic’s issues and fed up with the perfectionist in me that preferred to look for just the right way to start a post – for months! Finally, I said to my self “Just start and see where it leads you.” and it’s true. Once you start a project that looked foggy at the beginning starts to clear up once you take action. If taking action works for writing why not other projects that have been put into the “someday” file? Like a website? That “Someday” becomes a day where action needs to be taken ready or not or should have been taken a long time ago.  Today is the day for this post. I have no outline for this post since its coming from the heart. Yet I do have some big plans for this blog and I would love it if you could just join me on this journey.


You see I’m just starting as a freelance writer/blogger. I love to observe my surroundings since I live in the Caribbean but my creative side has a practical feel to it. I like to write but it’s got to be for a practical purpose. So writing blog content fills my creative needs. In a way I’m a strong advocate for blogs and seriously believe in their influence. When I look at a small business or nonprofit website that has no blog or their Social media is not really being used I just nod at the missed opportunity to connect and educate their customers. They need help! So I finally decided to put my creative side to good use in creating a blog and see how I can help others in creating practical content for their site. That’s why I’m writing today and today is a good day to show how powerful and influential a blog can be. So this site will be entertaining but practical at the same time.

So I’m just starting and it’s going to be a journey. Join me won’t you? In the future you’ll brag about being one of the first followers of viblogger. Trust me. You can get off the boat whenever you wish, no hard feelings but I plan to go far with this. Very, very far..

Stay tuned……


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