Three Musketeers glue.

October 16, 2016

I see this happen most of the time.

A small business or nonprofit opens and they advertise. They have an ad in the paper, radio spots and if they can afford it TV. On most of these mediums there’s the basic information along with a website, email or some form of social media contact. A potential customer goes and sees some form of online presence- maybe-just maybe.. the site is bookmarked and then…… the spectator goes away. After all that work they go away! Many small businesses and nonprofits think that having a website, email or a social media account will bring droves of customers to the business. Nope. The saying “build it and they will come.” is not completely true.

An online presence can be a website, social media account even an email that shows what services and if or products you offer. That’s nice but depending on how it’s used may not bring in the customer. A website just sits there and does nothing except repeat the same thing over and over. That Facebook or twitter account has a post only when there is an event, something to sell, old information, a few old posts or nothing at all. An email is just that…. an email. It doesn’t say much other than what your company’s name is even if it is memorable enough. Neither really tells the customer anything about how your business can really solve a problem. Blogs can solve that issue of awareness, otherwise without a blog it’s like screaming in the middle of the rainforest that that you have a wonderful solution but no one can really hear you since they don’t know (much) about you. Wouldn’t it make sense that your business or nonprofit be found as well these three digital mediums can find customers for you?

Am I making sense here?

I will be writing a series of posts on this problem that I see way too many times. Websites, social media and emails all have pros and cons online. Each functions differently so they must be used differently. Wouldn’t it be better to use their digital strengths together and not treated separately? Blogs can bind these components together very much like glue so it can help you be found and at the same time find customers for you. With a bit of planning integrating blogs can even save you some time.

Got you thinking? Stay tuned………

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